Environmental Compliance

Environnmental Compliance

PTBA’s commitment to preserving the environment while increasing the carrying capacity is done earnestly to comply with all environmental regulations, especially those related to coal mining activities. This compliance is in line with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation 26 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Good Mining Rules and Supervision of Mineral and Coal Mining. In addition, environmental management efforts are also carried out following the Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan documents and the Environmental Management Efforts and Environmental Monitoring Efforts documents as outlined in the Technical and Environmental Annual Work Plan (RKTTL). [GRI 103-1, 103-2]

The measurements and monitoring carried out by PTBA during 2021 show that all the parameters tested are following the quality standards set by the laws and regulations. The Company’s efforts are carried out very seriously, including participating in the National Company Performance Rating Assessment Program (PROPER Ministry of the Environment and Forestry). For these efforts, in 2021, the Company again won the 9th PROPER GOLD award from the Ministry of Environment. The acquisition of PROPER GOLD fulfills the Company’s achievements for nine consecutive years and proves the Company’s seriousness in reducing waste and contamination generated from business activities. [GRI 103-3]

Comply with Terms and Conserve Consciously

The applicable statutory provisions are the main guidelines for PTBA in conducting business with responsible practices. During the life of the mine and the Company’s business activities, the Company always makes nature conservation its focus and concern. Therefore, every activity of the Company always begins by complying with the applicable procedures, starting with an in-depth analysis of all risks to the environment and society within the framework of the Environmental Impact Analysis. This initial procedure is critical to obtain an environmental permit whose implementation also includes stakeholders.

Simultaneously, PTBA also prepares an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (RKL/RPL) or Environmental Management and Monitoring Efforts (UKL/UPL) according to the scale of impact. The plans prepared include: monitoring the area of changed land; land clearing and reclamation of ex-mining land following applicable regulations; plant maintenance; draining sludge in settling ponds; making sludge settling ponds; nursery and planting; topsoil management; prevention of Acid Mining Water (AAT); erosion control; research and development; handling of B3 waste, emissions and effluents as well as partnership and environmental development programs. The RKL/RPL and UKL/UPL documents that the Government has approved serve as guidelines for implementing mining operations, business activities, management, measurement, and monitoring of the social environment.

Implementation and Assessment of Social Monitoring 2021

PTBA realizes that mining operations have an impact on the environment. To find out and minimize the impact, the Company routinely carries out measurements and monitoring as material for improvement from time to time. This task is carried out by the Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Unit (K3L).

PTBA has carried out environmental and social monitoring activities throughout 2021, and the results indicate that all the parameters tested follow the quality standards set by the laws and regulations. The environmental measurements and monitoring results are documented and communicated to relevant institutions at the Regional and Central levels. With such a result, during 2021, PTBA did not receive sanctions and fines, both monetary and nonmonetary, due to violations or non-compliance with environmental regulations. The Company also does not face any environmental complaints submitted to the dispute resolution mechanism. [GRI 103-3, 307- 1][OJK F.16]

Environmental Cost [OJK F.4]

To comply with various environmental regulations, PTBA, which upholds the value of “Cost and Environmental Awareness,” has allocated a budget for environmental costs. The funding is used for various activities, namely Reclamation and Post-mining in 2021; the Company allocates environmental costs of Rp104,581,782,177, and has been realized until the end of 2021 in the amount of Rp124,960,293,955. The absorption and budget allocation in 2021 are higher than in 2020.