Corporate Secretary Profile


Apollonius Andwie C.

Corporate Secretary

Born in Pekalongan on August 14, 1969.
He completed his Bachelor of Accounting at STIE Malangkucecwara in 1994 and obtained his Masters degree in finance at LPPM Jakarta in 1995. His appointment as Corporate Secretary is based on Decree of the Directors of PT Bukit Asam Tbk Number: 220/0100/2020. He has previous career as Funding Manager (2007-2014), Senior Accounting & Budget Manager (2014-2016), Senior Corporate Finance Manager (2016-2017), Senior Finance Manager (2017-2018), President Director of PT Bukit Multi Investama ( Bukit Asam subsidiary) in 2018 until January 2020, and Senior Manager of Marketing, Domestic Sales and Distribution until June 2020.


The Company set the position of the Corporate Secretary one level below the Board of Directors in its organizational structure. The dismissal and appointment of the Corporate Secretary is conducted by the President Director based on the Company’s internal mechanism with the consent of the Board of Commissioners in accordance with Article 29 Section (3) of State-Owned Ministry Executive Order No. PER-01/MBU/2011, jo Article 18 Section (2) Letter 11) Articles of Association by implementing 3 (three) main functions, namely liaison officer, compliance officer and investor relation functions.


Corporate Secretary plays a major role in facilitating interorgan relations and the Company’s relations with its stakeholders as well as to ensure that the Company complies with prevailing laws and regulations. The initiatives to maintain good relations with strategic stakeholders, especially the shareholders, will support the business operation and business development of the Company. In addition, the Company needs to have reliable documents and information management procedures to ensure the Company’s compliance with laws and regulations of the capital market to support the accountability of the Company’s performance report and responsibility to Stakeholders.

Corporate Secretary is responsible directly to the President Director. Company sets certain qualifications for the Corporate Secretary by conducting evaluation periodically on the implementation of his/her duties and give him/her authority and adequate resources. There are three main functions to the Corporate Secretary; as liaison officer, compliance officer and investor relations. Pursuant to its functions, in carrying out her/his duties the Corporate Secretary ensures the availability of the current, punctual and accurate information of the Company to shareholders, analysts, mass media and general public which also include Quarterly Report and Annual Report.


  • To act as a representative of the Company (Board of Directors) to the extent of granted authorities.
  • To manage investor relations, monitoring of capital market development and Company’s compliance to the prevailing regulations of the capital market in performing its operations.
  • To prepare policies and recommendations in accordance with capital market regulations.
  • To provide information related to matters that need to be disclosed to the public, shareholders and stakeholders on the Issuer or the Company.
  • To manage Jakarta Representative Office.
  • To review the latest reports of the capital market analysts, the Company’s performance in financial sector qualitatively and quantitatively, and economic situations and projections (international, regional and local as well as the capital market of various nations).
  • To publish the Company’s non material activities, documents and information management, and the Company’s reports.
  • To provide opinions to the Board of Directors in complying with regulations related to the capital market.
  • To act as a liaison between the Company and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), all stakeholders besides the shareholders, such as the Government, media, business partners, and the public.