All members of the Company must avoid all types of economic conflict of interest potentials which may harm the Company. All members of the Company are prohibited to conduct activities that bring profit for personal, family, or relative interest, whether directly or indirectly. To avoid the possibility of any conflict of interest, members of the Company who hold the positions that have any conflict of interest must release themselves of the situation or disclose it to the superior or any party which is responsible to manage it.

Conflict of Interest Management Principles

The Company establishes 2 (two) main principle which must be adhered to by all members of the Company to avoid the possibility of any conflict of interest:

  1. Not utilizing the position for personal or other party interest which is related to the Company;
  2. Avoiding every activity outside of the service to the Company that may affect negatively to the independency and objectivity in decision making which conflicts with the position or may harm the Company.