As a company that upholds the law, PTBA always complies with all prevailing law and regulations, including those in the social and economic fields. This is aimed at maintaining the Company’s existence so that business activities can run smoothly without any legal issues. [103-1]

Social-economic compliance deals with employees, consumers, and the government. With respect to employees, PTBA has complied with all the labor regulations compiled by the Manpower Law regarding working hours, wages, benefits, and remuneration. Furthermore, related to consumers, PTBA has strived to provide the best service by providing correct and accurate product information, implementing ethical marketing techniques, and providing reporting channel. Finally, with regard to the government, PTBA has complied to regularly paying taxes without delay. [103-2]

This consistent socio-economic compliance has brought the company into a safe zone, which is in 2020the Company was not charged by any penalty, non-monetary sanctions, and lawsuits. [103-3, 419-1]