Bukit Asam Held Ceremony to Celebrate 38th Anniversary

Celebrating the 38th Anniversary, PT Bukit Asam Tbk held Anniversary Ceremony centered at the Main Field of Bukit Asam Headquarters in Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra, Saturday (2/3). Commissioners, Directors, employees and partners attended the Ceremony as Arviyan Arifin, Managing Director of Bukit Asam, acted as the Inspector of Ceremony.Arviyan Arifin shared Bukit Asam’s achievements for the last 38 years such as Proper Emas and The Best Overall BUMN. He also reminded the audience that this year Tanjung Enim’s coal mining is exactly 100 years old.

After the ceremony, a series of events were held to enliven the anniversary. Commissioners and Directors released pigeons and balloons to mark the anniversary. Then they welcomed three retired personnel who cycled from Bakaheuni to Tanjung Enim. The cyclists took this action to show their love for Bukit Asam and to enliven the Anniversary.

At the end of ceremony series, 1204 dancers consisting of elementary, middle and high school students in Tanjung Enim performed the Nyambut Dance, a traditional dance of Lawang Kidul.

Bukit Asam Anniversary ceremony was also held at the Kertapati Pier Unit and Tarahan Port Unit. After the ceremony, the employees held various activities and competitions.

At the Ceremony, Arviyan Arifin reminded the audience about the anniversary theme: New Spirit Toward Beyond Coal, where all employees and partners must share renewable spirit in welcoming the new era of Bukit Asam, the downstream coal.