PTBA Celebrate the 72nd Independence Day of Republic Indonesia

Celebrating the 72nd Independence Day of Republic Indonesia, PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk or PTBA held a competition by involving the community around the company, especially those in Ring I area of ??the company. This year, PTBA held a "Panjat Pinang" Competition and "Bidar" Contest.

Panjat Pinang Competition itself, held in 25 villages located on the Ring I PTBA and held on Thursday, August 17, 2017. Later, each village will be provided one nut trees along with a wide range of prizes such as bicycles, irons, magicom, equipment worship up Groceries.

As for Bidar Competition, will be held on Friday, August 18, 2017 which was followed by 25 teams from the community around the company. Each 4-member team will cover a distance of 250 to 300 meters in the flow of Talang Cork River. Participants will compete for cash prizes and coaching money.

As in previous years, on the anniversary of August 17 this year, PTBA also held a flag ceremony followed by employees PTBA Employees Union PTBA wife, children and grandchildren the company, as well as business partners. After the ceremony will be held miniature mine robot demo. In this demo will be shown about the business process PTBA to the participants of the ceremony. Moreover, on this occasion also awarded to employees is exemplary, award period of the employment service, after-service awards, as well as launching Bukit Asam Innovation Awards (BAIA).

Previously, in early August, PTBA has also participated in the "Siswa Mengenal Nusantara (SMN)" which is a program of the Ministry of SOEs. In this year's SMN activities, PTBA is appointed as the SMN coordinator in Riau. In this program, SMA / SMK and SLB students from Riau are sent to Palu, Central Sulawesi for one week to get to know the various cultures of Central Sulawesi. While in Riau, students from Palu also do the same thing, recognizing cultural diversity in Riau.

SMN activities for one week, students SMN participants both in Riau and Palu, invited to tour the city to get to know the city's history, visit the school as educational visits, visiting tourist attractions, as well as the direct mingled with the local community. It is expected that through these activities, the students can be more familiar with the Indonesian people's religion and able to foster a sense of unity and nationality early on among the students.