PTBA Achieved The Best Partnership Program of Community Development

PTBA again gained appreciation for its consistency in the implementation of Partnership Program and Community Development (PKBL). This time PTBA got award in the Appreciation Program Partnership and Community Development (PKBL) Indonesia 2018. In this year PTBA get appreciation as Best Partnership Program Community Development Category Mining and Excavation. The award ceremony PKBL Indonesia 2018 took place at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Sari Pacific - Jakarta (Monday, 30/4). The award is given by Muhamad Ihsan, CEO & Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi as the organizer of this awards event. The award was received by Kanthi Miarso as Senior Manager of CSR. This awards event is held as a form of appreciation to SOEs that are always consistent and successful in implementing community development. "Through this appreciation to be an encouragement for PTBA PKBL program increasingly sustain so it can provide comfort in operational activities through the implementation of the principle of triple bottom line", said Senior Manager CSR PTBA. PTBA is fully aware that good companies not only succeed in achieving profit targets, but also must be able to contribute best to improving the quality of life of communities around the company. The form of PTBA's social responsibility has been implemented in the implementation of the PKBL which consists of Partnership Program and Community Development Program. The Partnership Program consists of partnership funds that are implemented selectively and transparently to capture small businesses and cooperatives that have the potential to help develop the economy around the company. While the Community Development Program as a way to design and create a conceptual and sustainable development program to develop partners who have competitiveness and resilience to changes in regional and national economic conditions. Through the implementation of the PKBL program, PTBA believes that the goal of the program is to help improve the social and economic welfare of surrounding communities to be more empowered, independent, and maintain a harmonious relationship between the company and the community.