PTBA hands over Tugu Belido Bukit Asam to Palembang City Government

PTBA has handed over Tugu Belido Bukit Asam to Palembang City Governance on Sunday, 12th Feb 2018 at Benteng Kuto Besak. It was done by President Director of PTBA, Arviyan Arifin to Mayor of Palembang, Harnojoyo. On this event, they’ve also signed Tugu Belido inscription. Tugu Belido Bukit Asam has been built since November 2016 and completed in September 2017 using CSR PTBA funds. Tugu Belido project is a form of PTBA commitment to participate in Palembang’s development and it aims to improve tourist attraction in Palembang which is in line with Musi Riverside Tourism Development Program. Tugu Belido Bukit Asam is 9m hight and 12m length. It was made from 1,2mm thick of copper and coated by silver with 3ton weight. Belido is choosen as an icon in Palembang City due to it is native fish of Musi River, a river in Palembang. Belido population itself is currently decreasing so hopefully through this Tugu Belido Bukit Asam can persuade the people to continue to preserve the Belido. Meanwhile, the selection of Benteng Kuto Besak as a place to build this Tugu Belido Bukit Asam because Benteng Kuto Besak is one of the crowded center of interest.