PT Bukit Asam Celebrates its 37th Anniversary

PT Bukit Asam celebrates its 37th anniversary by presenting many activities involve communities surrounding PTBA’s operational area in Muara Enim and Lahat districts. Various activity also introduce Tanjung Enim as Tourism Destination. There are 54 activites have been assembled to celebrate its 37th anniversary, there are 22 sport activities, 16 art and cultural activities, and 16 social health activies. This event started on Sunday, January 21, 2018, officially opened by PTBA President Director, Arviyan Arivin at Bukit Asam Hall in Tanjung Enim. As the opening ceremony, also held another activities, there are coloring and drawing competition for children, birds chirping competition, culinary festivals, singing contest, and traditional culture performance from “Reog Ponorogo”. In every occasion, Arviyan Arivin conveyed that mining activities in Tanjung Enim has been exsisting almost 100 years ago since 1919. He hope that PTBA will have been remaining for next 100 until 200 years later. “For that, let both of us keep and raise this company. PTBA’s progress is not only for PTBA but also for the people around this company in Tanjung Enim,” said Arviyan Arivin. The peak of entire events fell precisely on PTBA’s 37th anniversary on March 2nd,2018. Commemoration held on March 2nd, 2018 ceremony headed by President Director of PTBA. The ceremony was followed by Board of Directors, employees of PTBA and PTBA’s subsidiaries, and all of PTBA partners. On this ceremony also presented award for PTBA pensioner. After commemorated the 37th anniversary of PTBA, the President Director and Board of Directors symbolically to relief 8400 packages of essential food for household in 25 villages in 5 districts of Muara Enim and Lahat. Not only the anniversary celebration at the head office area, PTBA also held activities for the community around company’s operation area. On Friday afternoon, PTBA held “Gebyar Musik Dangdut” at social facility in Tanjung Enim field. The event was attended by thousands of people with Via Valen as a guest star. Not quite up there, PTBA also held anniversary celebration at Bukit Asam Hall in Tanjung Enim. This event attended by Board of Comissioners, Board of Diractors, employees of PTBA subsidiaries, and all of PTBA partners. On that celebration, also enlivened with Rossa as a guest star who appear garacefull and fascinating. PTBA’s 37th anniversary marked by more than 5000 people around Tanjung Enim joined “Family Fun Walk” on Sunday, March 4th, 2018. All of PTBA’s BOD participated in this event. After the Family Fun Walk, the BOD and Management of PTBA along with Muspida Muara Enim inaugurated the monument of “Gapura Sriwijaya” or the Arch of Sriwijaya which became the landmark of entrance gate to Tanjung Enim as the City of Tourism Destination.