Now, Access to Clean Water is Easier

Bukit Asam through CSR provides assistance in procurement of clean water installations to RT 14 communities of Tegal Rejo Village. The grant is conducted in the highlands of the Ring 1 area, which is directly adjacent to the company's operating area and requires additional water supply from the PDAM. The aid program given to 181 houses in RT 14 Tegal Rejo district of Lawang Kidul is at least worth about Rp 400 million. The activity of clean water installation for RT 14 Tegal Rejo community started with launching on 14 November ago as a marker of the implementation of the installation of water pipeline installation from primary secondary pipeline to residents' houses. It is expected that this clean water installation can be useful for the activities of the community life of RT 14 Tegal Rejo. The handover of assistance was done at the Posyandu RT 14 Tegal Rejo Field, which was given directly by Production Director of Bukit Asam to RT 14 Community of Tegal Rejo Village, and witnessed by GM UPTE, SM CSR, KBL and CSR Manager along with the ranks, Director General and Finance of Lematang Enim PDAM, Elements of Tripika Lawang Kidul, Vice Chairman of Muara Enim Regency DPRD. Tegal Rejo Village community itself has hope that in the future can establish a better relationship with Bukit Asam.