Bukit Asam Sent Mosque Marbot to Umrah Pilgrims

Bukit Asam dispatched 25 marbots (mosque caretakers), to Umrah pilgrims on Friday (3/5), as series of Bukit Asam Anniversary celebration. These 25 marbots came from mosques around Lawang Kidul sub-district, Tanjung Agung sub-district, and Muara Enim sub-district in Muara Enim Regency and East Merapi sub-district in Lahat Regency.

The departure of the mosque marbots was held at the Jami Bukit Asam Mosque and dispatched by the Deputy GM of UPTE Moch. Taufiq. They will go to the holy land of Makkah from Palembang on Saturday (4/5) and will return to Tanjung Enim on May 12.

Since last February, Bukit Asam conducted mosque marbot selection process located in the company's Ring I to take part in this Umrah program. Of the 48 people who took part in the selection process, 25 people were dispatched to the holy land. The participants were selected by the Al-Quran reciting test, prayer practices, and Adhan; assessed directly by MUI Muara Enim and the Ministry of Religion Muara Enim team.

Besides Bukit Asam Anniversary celebration series, this program was a form of gratitude for Bukit Asam's 38 years performance for the country and of support and concern for places of worship and local communities.