Bukit Asam menggelar lomba Kuis Ranking 1 K3

Ranking 1 K3 Quiz, Bukit Asam Style in Socializing OSH

Bukit Asam held “Ranking 1 K3 Quiz” competition to enliven the Month of National Safety Movement (Gernas K3 or Gerakan Nasional Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja) 2019. The competition, which was adopted from a quite popular TV quiz game, was packed with quality questions about the world of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) with a total prize of millions of rupiah. The Manager of KP & K3L Bukit Asam, Yuhendri Wisra, said that this was the first time they held Ranking 1 K3 quiz competition, while before were regular quiz competitions.

"The competition purpose is to make us understand the rules and theories, and transfer them to colleagues at the work place. Students also invited in the hope that after graduation they can join Bukit Asam and Bukit Asam's partners, "said Yuhendri Wisra.

The competition taking place on Saturday (9/2) in the fourth floor auditorium of the Multi-Purpose Building (GSG) Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim head office received great enthusiasm. There were 16 work units sending 47 Bukit Asam employees to take part in this event and 20 partners sending 60 employees to prove themselves in K3 knowledge. 70 high school students from 14 schools in Lawang Kidul District and Muara Enim Subdistrict also enlivened the Gernas K3 2019 in Bukit Asam.