Farewell For The Role Model

Farewell For The Role Model

Wednesday, 25th April 2016, Milawarma who has resigned his post as Director of PT Bukit Asam (Persero), Tbk., farewell to some employees PTBA that since morning gathered at the official residence of the Director of PTBA, Jln. Beringin No. 1, Bukit Asam Baru, Tanjung Enim.


He and his wife, Muslimah Milawarma, say goodbye to leave the official residence occupied since 2011. When he came out of the house, these employees around the Milawarma, as if waiting for the last word as a father, a role model, which has long led them.

Mulawarma said, "PTBA has two things that are not owned by the other. First, human beings. For example, in this world whose name Milawarma, yes like this, unique human beings, there is none."

PTBA employees were silence, carefully follow the narrative of the man who was born on 30th September 1958. "The second is a blessing given by God Almighty. Barokah unequal and uneven. Therefore, do not let the door of blessing closed for PTBA. So we should be grateful. "

Furthermore Milawarma expressed his expectation. He hoped that the board of directors of the period 2016-2021 can be more trustful so PTBA can increasingly overflowing blessing and asking all human PTBA to support the new directors as well as support the directors who've led.

"As president director, I am responsible, as a leader of my friends. For that, I have to apologize in person, as family, as well as official, if there is an error and oversight. With the forgiveness of employees and employee as well as the family of PTBA will lighten my step in the next institution," said Milawarma.

After saying goodbye, Milawarma and his wife is up a big black car that has since had been waiting for him and will take him to his dream of a new home. The role model was indeed gone. But his word always keep in mind its employees, and struggle as Presiden Director of PTBA will be continued by his successor, Ir. Arviyan Arifin. Hopefully PTBA remain victorious.