Bukit Asam Disbursed Partnership Funds Again

PT Bukit Asam Tbk disbursed partnership program funds Phase VI amounted to IDR5.3 billion at the RKB of Lingga Tanjung Enim Village, Wednesday (September 2). PTBA CSR Senior Manager, Zulfikar Azhar, represented by CSR Finance Manager Yusril Alamsyah symbolically handed over the funds in the form of interest-free loans to 111 fostered partners, consisting of small and medium enterprises in agriculture, plantations, livestock, fisheries, services and other industries. The loan value varied according to each business requirements level ranging from IDR15 million to IDR200 million.

Zulfikar said in his remarks that the company's goal of distributing funds for this partnership program was to empower the community's economy, develop independent and strong businesses, and reduce poverty. He added that throughout 2020 Bukit Asam had distributed partnership funds of IDR12.9 billion to 277 fostered partners in Muara Enim, Lahat, Pagar Alam, Prabumulih, and Palembang.

Meanwhile, Eriska from Berangau Village, Tanjung Enim, one of the partnership funds beneficiaries, expressed her gratitude to Bukit Asam for entrusting a soft loan fund of IDR35 million for the initial stage of clean water supply business.

“We plan to use this money to buy clean water distillation machines and tanks. We currently still lacked of water storage tanks that the water had already run out at 10 o’clock,” she said. She hoped that in the future Bukit Asam would continue to sustain, progress, and provide benefits to the community around the company’s area.