Bukit Asam Received 3 Anugerah BUMN 2020 Awards

PT Bukit Asam Tbk received 3 awards in Anugerah BUMN Award 2020 event at The MAJ Senayan, Thursday night (July 9, 2020).

It’s the ninth year of annual Anugerah BUMN award, an event to appreciate the contribution of SOEs with excellent performance and competitiveness in national and global level. With "SOE as the Locomotive of the National Economy in Global Competition" theme, the evaluation criteria were focused on the performance of SOEs and their subsidiaries in 2019.

After the assessment process of interview and presentation stages before the jury – supported by a research team from PPM Management, the initial 131 company participants of the Anugerah BUMN 2020 were reduced to 107.

The judging results were divided into three categories of winners, namely non-listed SOEs, non-listed SOE subsidiaries, and listed SOEs.

Bukit Asam won awards in three categories: 

- Best CEO Strategic Orientation

- Best SOE, Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

- Best SOE National and Global Strategic Alliance

Former Minister of State-Owned Enterprises and Anugerah BUMN 2020 Board of Jury Chairman Dr Tanri Abeng, MBA explained that the CEO category was the category he favored the most.

"Because, a company will only be as good as its CEO," said Tanri Abeng.

According to Tanri Abeng, former SOE leaders with brilliant performance had been verified as managing SOE with all its challenges required special expertise.

"So we must be proud of the CEOs of SOEs, many Anugerah BUMN award winners passing judging process who had entered the government cabinet."