SIBA Business Women Attended Financial Statement Training

The Bukit Asam Industry Center (SIBA) business women attended a one-day training on determining the cost of goods sold and financial reporting at Rumah Kreatif BUMN (RKB) Bukit Asam Muara Enim, Thursday (25 Jun). The trainers were two financial accounting practitioners from Bukit Asam Corporate Accounting Work Unit, Meri Amalia Utami and Delima Suma Bestari.

Bukit Asam CSR Evaluation and Reporting AM, Intan Zaenab Bauw said, this was the first training on financial reporting and cost of goods sold determination for business women under SIBA. Bukit Asam CSR however had held a similar training for MSME entrepreneurs in Bukit Asam fostered partners in September 2018.

"In this training, we provide simple material so the trainees can understand easily, not so much like complicated financial reporting. The most important thing is that the participants can apply the training material in day-to-day business practice, "explained Intan.

One trainee, Dian Afriana said that the training material provided was very useful and could be applied immediately in her business. Before, she would set a selling price with ‘as long as not losing’ principle. After the training, she understood that there are various factors in determining the cost of goods sold.

"So, it’s not simply as long as you’re still making a profit," said the SIBA Rosella business woman.

The training was conducted until noon and was attended by business women from SIBA Batik, SIBA Songket, SIBA Rajut, and SIBA Rosella.