Bukit Asam Conducted Basic Haircut Training

To develop the competencies of the community around the company, PT Bukit Asam Tbk conducted a basic haircut training for 10 local youth on Tuesday (12/5). The training was held at Bukit Asam Creative House (RKB - Rumah Kreatif Bukit Asam), taking hygiene and Covid-19 health protocol compliance seriously, such as using only sterilized training equipment.

According to Bukit Asam CSR Finance Manager Yusril Alamsyah, this training program was especially organized by Bukit Asam CSR team in order to help local governments creating an independent and prosperous community. Meanwhile, Assistant Manager Bina Bukit Asam CSR Environment Partner, Mustafa Kamal added, the training participants consisted of representatives of Islamic boarding schools and youth from mosques around the company, including Nurul Madani Pulau Panggung Tanjung Agung Islamic Boarding School, Al Baroqah Orphanage, Bukit Asam Mosque Youth, Rumah Tahfidz Ibadurrahman Air Lintang Muara Enim, and Almuzakir Ujanmas Islamic Boarding School.

"Bukit Asam also provides sets of barber equipment, such as haircuts, scissors, mirrors, cloth covers, towels, soap and soap brushes, razor blades and others," Mustafa added.

Inviting experienced haircut expert as trainer, the trainees were expected to be able to open independent haircut practices in their respective places after attending this training.