Bukit Asam Large Family Foundation Received and Distributed Medical Aid from Ishihara Charity Foundation

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bukit Asam Large Family Foundation (Yakasaba) received medical assistance, consisting of 2 sets of ventilators, 2800 face shields, 24,000 surgical masks, 2000 coveralls with hood, 1500 high risk isolation gowns, 4400 PE Isolation Gown, and 5000 Bouffant Cap, from the Ishihara Charity Foundation, a humanitarian foundation based in Taiwan. The assistance was handed over by Ishihara Charity Foundation to Yakasaba through the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment at the BGR Kelapa Gading Warehouse, North Jakarta, Monday (27/4).

The Ishihara Charity Foundation Chief Sean Ishihara believed that the most important thing in dealing with the Corona outbreak was to provide protection to the frontline workers. Ishihara, also the owner of the Dragon Energy Group, said that obtaining medical equipment was not an easy task, but thru its global network, the Ishihara Charity Foundation was able to immediately distribute them to several important institutions in Indonesia, including Yakasaba.

Yakasaba Chief Arviyan Arifin expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciated the concrete efforts of the Ishihara Charity Foundation. This assistance was a form of support to the Indonesian government in the prevention and handling of Covid-19, as well as of good relations strengthening that had existed between PT Bukit Asam Tbk and Dragon Energy Group for approximately 15 years.

Furthermore, Yakasaba would distribute the assistance to various institutions in need such as hospitals and BNPB to help frontline medical staff treating patients exposed to Covid-19, and hopefully to eventually break the chain of Covid-19 virus spread in Indonesia.