Bukit Asam Socialization to Prevent the Spreading of Corona Virus

PT Bukit Asam Tbk took preventive measures to prevent the spread of corona virus or COVID-19 in the company and local communities area.

Bukit Asam had taken several steps such as providing hand sanitizers and giving internal socialization and appeal regarding the corona virus. The company encouraged all employees to always take care of their health and to wash their hands after any activities.

In addition, through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work unit, Bukit Asam also held a socialization program on the corona virus to the local community and business partners during routine exercise activities last Friday (6/3/2020). In this socialization, Bukit Asam together with Bukit Asam Medika Hospital demonstrated proper hand washing and recommended nose mask application. Hopefully this activity would provide awareness for the participants to prevent the transmission of the corona virus.

"We do hope people would not panic in responding to the Corona virus outbreak, because we can do prevention ourselves by washing our hands with soap frequently, and wearing masks during any activities," said CSR Finance Manager Yusril after yesterday's exercise activities.