Bukit Asam Preventive Actions to Anticipate Corona Virus

PT Bukit Asam Tbk takes preventative measures against the outbreak of the Corona virus or COVID-19 in Indonesia. To prevent the virus from spreading in the Bukit Asam office environment, all employees receive emails about appeal socialization of the Corona virus.

At Tanjung Enim head office, Bukit Asam together with the local Health Office conduct socialization and counseling to employees and their families about the Corona virus and actions to prevent the virus from spreading. The Company also provides hand sanitizers at every corner of the office to support hand washing program.

Besides providing hand sanitizers, the company also distributes masks, checks employees’ body temperature, urges employees to wash hands more frequently, and encourages them not to travel abroad. Preventive measures are also carried out in all Bukit Asam units in Tarahan, Kertapati, Jakarta and Sawahlunto.

Not only through emails and direct outreach, information about corona virus and its preventive actions are also distributed through other media such as posters and banners to create awareness for employees and their families to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus.