Bukit Asam Implements Anti-Bribery Management ISO 37001: 2016

As a form of commitment in implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and building Environmental Social Governance Management System, PT Bukit Asam Tbk implemented international standards of Anti-Bribery Management System or Anti-Bribery Management ISO 37001: 2016. The implementation of ISO 37001: 2016 was marked by Bukit Asam Board of Directors signing of a Joint Commitment to the Development of ISO 37001: 2016 in Tanjung Enim, Tuesday (11/2).

The implementation of ISO 37001:2016 was Bukit Asam's step in increasing stakeholder confidence and providing added value to the company. Through the implementation of Anti-Bribery Management, Bukit Asam would increase the corporate cultural values ​​and further encourage disclosure of company information to the public. 

"With ISO 37001:2016 implementation, Bukit Asam definitely prevents KKN (corruption, collusion, and nepotism) in the company. We can also control and take prevention measures, because as a public company we really have to be clean and transparent, "said Arviyan Arifin, President Director of Bukit Asam.

In addition to ISO 37001:2016, Bukit Asam has also followed various rules in the implementation of anti-bribery, including Presidential Instruction number 10 of 2016 concerning Actions to Prevent and Eradicate Corruption, Circular of SOE Minister number SE-2/MBU/07/2019 concerning Clean BUMN Management through Implementation of KKN Prevention and Handling Conflicts of Interest and Strengthening Internal Supervision, as well as Supreme Court Regulation number 13 of 2016 concerning Procedures for Handling Criminal Cases by Corporations.

Arviyan Arifin hoped that with the implementation of ISO 37001:2016, all Bukit Asam management and employees could promote the commitment of No Bribery, No Kickback, No Gift, No Luxurious Hospitality. Bukit Asam has also implemented the Whistle Blowing System, required LHKPN Reporting, and conducted GCG assessments by independent parties to prevent anti-bribery, to maintain stakeholder confidence and to implement the principle of transparency to the public.

With the implementation of this Anti-Bribery Management, Bukit Asam was expected to become a national benchmark as a mining company that has successfully implemented ISO 37001:2016, to increase public trust and to encourage the transformation towards companies compliant with Good Corporate Governance.