The Series of Bukit Asam's 39th Anniversary is Officially Opened

The Opening Ceremony of PT Bukit Asam Tbk’s 39th anniversary activities series took place on Saturday (18/1) at Lapangan Upacara Kantor Besar Lama (KBL) Bukit Asam, Tanjung Enim, Sumatera Selatan. The event was officially opened by Bukit Asam Managing Director, Arviyan Arifin, and attended by Bukit Asam's commissioners and directors, regional heads, heads of agencies, and community leaders of Muara Enim and Lahat.

Bukit Asam has prepared various events to enliven the celebration that will take place on March 2, 2020. As a start, Bukit Asam held 5K Fun Walk and Fun Run on Saturday (18/1), with about 5000 participants from Muara Enim, Lahat, Palembang, and surrounding areas. They took off from the starting point at the side door of KBL Tanjung Enim.

Various sports competitions, such as volleyball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, wushu, bidar, pencak silat, billiards, wall climbing, kempo, bicycles, bowling, basketball, futsal, grasstrack, and others, will run from January to March. Besides sports, Bukit Asam will also arrange various art competitions, such as Bujang Gadis Tanjung Enim contest, drawing, coloring, vocal groups, fashion shows, videos, bands, painting, photography, regional creation dance, nasyid, and marawis.

As a form of gratitude and to strengthen relationship with the local community, Bukit Asam will also celebrate its anniversary through environmental and social activities, such as greening and spreading seeds, house renovations, cheap markets, and blood donations. Not only that, free circumcision and free medical treatment will also be provided for the people of Tanjung Agung, Lawang Kidul, Muara Enim, Merapi Barat and Merapi Timur.

While other Bukit Asam business units in Palembang, Lampung, Sawahlunto, and Jakarta also celebrating the 39th anniversary, the peak of the celebration will be held in Tanjung Enim on March 2, 2020. These activities series has a purpose to maintain the good relations with all company stakeholders and to develop the local talents and potential.