Subsidiary Awards 2019, Bukit Asam Appreciation for Subsidiary and Indirect Subsidiary Companies

PT Bukit Asam Tbk's satisfactory performance in 2018 with net profit of Rp 5.02 trillion was the highest since Bukit Asam first established, resulted in Bukit Asam the top 5 SOEs that provided the highest dividends to the government. 

This result could only be achieved due to contribution of the company's subsidiaries, indirect subsidiaries and all Bukit Asam affiliates, or Anak, Cucu, dan Afiliasi Perusahaan (ACAP), who has supported the operational performance. To appreciate this, Bukit Asam held Subsidiary Awards 2019, consisting of the Company with the Best Performance in Fiscal Year 2018 and the Best CEO in Fiscal Year 2018.

With these awards, Bukit Asam wished to bring motivation to ACAP management to maintain and improve performance in the next periods. Also, this awarding event was served as a form of appreciation from Bukit Asam for ACAP real contribution.

In Subsidiary Awards 2019, three companies received Company with the Best Performance in 2018 awards, namely PT International Prima Coal as the Best I, PT Pelabuhan Bukit Prima as the Best II, and PT Bukit Asam Medika as the Best III. Meanwhile, President Director of PT International Prima Coal, Iskandar Surya Alam won the Best CEO for Fiscal Year 2018.