Strong Body Healthy Mind

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Strong Body Healthy Mind


Red and white shirt? Checked.

Gray training pants? Checked.

Running shoes? Absolutely checked.

We neatly put on the hat with BUMN logo and red and white flag, too. This morning we headed to the Kalianda Ceremony Field, South Lampung. It did not take long. After a few minutes, we arrived at the field which had already been filled with Kalianda local people and the surrounding neighborhood. People of all ages were there, from fathers, mothers, grandparents, to toddlers. Snack seller has fulfilled the sidelines of the field and started their activities.

We would join the 5km walk activity that morning. But before that, we warmed up our body first by doing morning exercises led by the instructors. Swipe right, swipe left. Right hand, left hand. Right foot, left foot. Then, we’re ready to join the healthy walk.

The healthy walk starts at 7 in the morning. The fresh air and sunny morning weather supported this activity. While walking along the way, we also enjoyed the view around Kalianda city center. Sometimes we chatted and jested to get rid of the fatigue. We didn't even care about the sweat that started to drip. Our body actually felt fresher and stronger. We didn’t realize that fifteen minutes later the finish line already greeted us.

Upon arrival at the field, we instantly walked around to see the various exhibitions there. There were MSME exhibitions from several SOEs in Lampung, free medical checks, and blood donations. We also found and tasted some foods, such as the Kalianda’s otak-otak or fish cake. After resting for a while, we continued our field trip to PT Brantas Abipraya project.

It took about 1.5 hours to finally arrived at Panjang Port. We were warmly welcomed by the employees of PT Brantas Abipraya who were doing the widening project of dermaga C1 Harbor Panjang, Bandar Lampung. The hot sunny day did not dampen our enthusiasm and curiosity. Each of us asked questions to Brantas Abipraya's employees who were eager to give the answers.

Before the project site tour, we were provided with personal protective equipment and safety induction. We were told not to cross the boundary line that was installed to avoid accidents at the project site. This experience was even more special because this was the first time we have used personal protective equipment. After we wore the helmet and vest, we headed to the dock to see the ongoing project.

After the tour on the Abipraya Brantas project was over, we went to Bukit Asam Office at Port Tarahan. The cool breeze and the sound of trains coming back and forth welcomed our arrival. We were also equipped with personal protective equipment and safety induction before visiting the field. We were also given the opportunity to ask questions before observing directly the production process in the field. After a half hour discussion, we took a bus to get around to the Bukit Asam site.

We had the opportunity to see many new things. Starting from the control room, rotary car dumpers, stockpiles, conveyor belts, to the dock. What a wonderful new experience. We could see the actual coal processes before it was sent by ship to be exported abroad or sent to PLTU in Indonesia. We hoped that Bukit Asam would continue its contribution to the availability of electricity and energy in Indonesia.

The sun almost set when we returned that day. Today's trip was certainly memorable. The opportunity to participate in healthy walk activity and a field trip was definitely a journey to form a strong body and a healthy mind.