Understanding Team Work and Yourself

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Understanding Team Work and Yourself

Waking up this morning was a little different than usual: not in the inn, definitely not in our own rooms, but in the Korem barracks! However these barracks were not dark, musty and dusty as you may imagine, but very clean, neat and comfortable instead. Staying overnight at Korem Garuda Hitam and attending sessions about defending the homeland, truly became a valuable experience.

Today, Thursday, August 15, 2019, we were ready to join a number of activities organized by Bukit Asam, Brantas Abipraya, and Kawasan Berikat Nusantara. This morning activities still took place in the Korem. Yesterday we learnt about defending our homeland and nation; as for today we were invited to play outbound.

The coaches took all of us to the field, where various kinds of games were arranged, such as filling water in hollow tubes, removing flour and many others. Through these games, we learnt that teamwork was essential. If one person were not consistent, the whole team’s goal would not be achieved.

We spent half of our day at Korem. Although the various activities at the Korem were very exciting, that afternoon we had to say goodbye to the coaches. Even meeting only for a short time, the coaches were very kind and care about us.

From the Korem, we headed to the Regional Library of Lampung Province. We were given a book titled “Bingkai Anak Negeri” or " Frame of the Children of the Nation" containing journal about last year’s SMN experience. Aside from that, we got briefing on journalism to make us write better, on psychology to get to know ourselves, and on understanding CSR.

Without wasting a chance, we asked many questions about writing, understanding the feelings of people around us, the opportunity to go to school through CSR programs. We were so excited asking lots of questions that we lost track of time and then it was almost dusk.

After the full activities at the National Library, we headed to the hotel to rest for a while. We didn't feel tired, as today's program was very exciting. After dinner, we gathered to get to know deeper about Bukit Asam, Brantas Abipraya, and Kawasan Berikat Nusantara. Wow, these are the names of the companies that we only knew from the mass media and now they are right in front of us and we were able to get to know them directly.

Today's program was really exciting. Now it’s time to get some rest and to gather our energy for tomorrow’s other thrilling adventures. We know tomorrow will even be more exciting.