PT Bukit Multi Investama (Subsidiary PT Bukit Asam Tbk) Established Subsidiary on Property Sector

June 26 2019, PT Bukit Multi Investama as subsidiary of PT Bukit Asam Tbk ("Company") has established new subsidiary under its control "PT Bukit Multi Properti" as stipulated on Notarial Deed Number 13 dated June, 26, 2019 created by Farahdiba, SH, Notary at Jakarta as the approval of legal entity stipulated on Ministry of Law and Human Rights Decree Number: AHU.-0030557.AH.01.01TAHUN.2019 dated June 27, 2019 concerning on Approval of Limited Liability PT Bukit Multi Property. The share structure is owned by PT Bukit Multi Investama and Yayasan Keluarga Besar Bukit Asam.  The purpose of transaction is to establish business entity in form of Limited Liability Company under PT Bukit Multi Investama as company having its business on real estate and construction. According to Nomor Induk Berusaha PT Bukit Multi Properti dated August 13 2019, its business are Construction of living house, office building, trade building, hospitality building, educational building, rent building, entertainment and sport building, other building and also nstallation of pre-fabrication of building and  real estate self-owned or rented.