PT Bukit Asam Tbk Dermaga Kertapati Unit Distributed Aids for Fire Casualties in Lorong Santai Kertapati

PT Bukit Asam Tbk Dermaga Kertapati Unit (Derti) performed an emergency response to fire at Kemas Rindo Street, Lorong Santai, RT 25-28 RW 5, Ogan Baru village, Kertapati district, Palembang. The fire destroyed 113 houses, which resulted in 136 households and 548 people lost their homes on Wednesday (10/7).

Delivered by the General Manager of HR and Finance Derti Unit, Zamrul Hakim, PTBA Derti Unit distributed hundreds of food packets for fire victims. "This was to ease the burden of people who have lost their homes," said GM Derti Unit Biverli Binanga.

As CSR program, on Monday (7/15) PTBA Derti Unit also handed over 113 sacks of rice, 100 sarongs, 66 boxes of fried noodles, 66 boxes of boiled noodles, and 131 cans of sardines. The Management of PTBA Derti Unit also visited the location of the fire and was warmly welcomed by the local people. Representing the people, Ogan Baru Village Head Edi Alfian, expressed his gratitude for the aids provided by PTBA Derti Unit, the first company that responded the fire, considering that the fire location was close to the Company's operational location.