Whistle blowing is an internal justice mechanism to avoid and decrease the possibility of violation, which is not restricted to ethical of business and ethical of work (code of conduct), Company Articles of Association, Partnership Agreement, contracts with external parties, company confidential, conflict of interest, and the prevailing regulation.

Whistle blowing is enforced for PT Bukit Asam (Persero), Tbk employees in execution of tasks and daily work accordance the principles of GCG.



Early detection (early warning) of possible problems caused from a breach.


Reducing risks faced by the company resulting from financial, operational, regulations, safety, and reputation violations


Providing inputs for the company to have a wider critical perspective and work process which has weaknesses on internal control, and plan for necessary corrective action.

Type Of Violation

  • Corruption, Bribery
  • Crime, includes theft, violence against employees or leaders, extortion, drugs, abuse and other criminal
  • Violations of taxation laws
  • Violations of laws and regulations related to company business, such as mining, environmental, employment, and consumer protection
  • Company's internal rules violation
  • Violation of the Code of Conduct for Ethical Employees and Board Liability or violation of the norms of general decency

Not including the breach or deviation of the Code of Conduct and Work Discipline as set forth in PKB and PP 10/1983 Jo. PP No. 45/1990 on Marriage and Divorce, which is processed through a separate mechanism (LKS Bipartit).


  • Allegations of irregularities/violence report are submitted to the Company through Whistle Blowing System.
  • Written reports can be submitted via an official letter, electronic mail (email), phone, or fax.
  • Written reports can be submitted via an official letter, electronic mail (email), phone, or fax. In case complainant can not / are not willing to write, reporting can be reported verbally to the Chairman of the Whistle Blowing System Management Team to write the oral reporting
  • Complainant must provide informations about the data itself, at least contain: address, telephone number, fax, or electronic mail (email).
  • Complainant should provide a reliable early indication, including: complaint issues,the involved parties, location and time of the incident, how it happened and whether there is evidence.
  • Reporting of irregularities / violations in writing shall be complemented with a copy of identity and accompanied by supporting documents that is relating to the incident that is reported.
  • Anonymous reporting (without identity) was not followed up.
  • Complainant protected by the Company.
  • The Company will provide a sanction for Complainant who abuse Whistle Blowing System.

Management of Whistle Blowing System is regulated by Procedures of Reporting Violations Management Systems, Document No. BAWBSP: MR: 01 which was approved by CEO on October 10, 2012.

The reports can be submitted through: