The Company established a Risk Management System & Company Management System (MR & SMP Satker) led by the Senior Manager and was in the Finance Directorate. The purpose of the establishment of the MR & SMP Work Unit is to ensure the implementation of risk management and the company’s management system so as to guarantee the achievement of the Company’s objectives.

Profile of MR & SMP Work Unit


Hanif Iqbal

Senior Manager of MR & SMP

Work Unit Based in Tanjung Enim. He has served as a Senior Risk Management Manager and Company Management System since 2017 s.d. currently, with previous experience as a Risk Management Manager (2009-2016). He graduated from ITB Bachelor Degree’s Geodetic Engineering in 1993 and has been part of PTBA starting in 1993.

Vision & Mission

Become a trusted partner and agent of directors in managing business processes that are competitive in accordance with the principles of prudence and Good Corporate Governance.

  • Prepare, implement, manage and ensure that Risk Management is implemented maximally in the Company.
  • Preparing, implementing, managing, and ensuring that the entire Management System is implemented maximally in the Company.
  • Maintain a management system certificate by ensuring the system is implemented according to requirements.
  • Encouraging the creation of national and international policies and best practices in the Company in accordance with GCG principles.
  • Encouraging all work activities in the Company to be carried out in accordance with the Corporate Culture and Code of Conduct.
  • Implementing GCG principles consistently and continuously.

Duties and Responsibilities of MR & SMP Work Unit

MR & SMP Work Unit has the duties and obligations to assist the Management in developing, directing, and controlling all management systems implemented in theCompany which include but not limited to:

  • Quality Management System (SMM)
  • Environmental Management System (SML)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3)
  • Mining Security Management System (SMKP)
  • Security Management System
  • Laboratory Quality Management System (SMM Lab)
  • Risk Management System (SMR)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management System (SM CSR)
  • Port Security Management System (SMKP)
  • Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System (BSC)
  • Letters & Archives Management System.