Ayo Sekolah Scholarship Program and BIDIKSIBA

The Ayo Sekolah Program is an educational scholarship program for elementary, junior high and high school education. Starting in 2012, the beneficiaries of Ayo Sekolah have reached ± 5000 people who are studying around the company's Ring I. In addition, there are also BIDIKSIBA Scholarships or Education Fee Assistance for Students Around Bukit Asam for higher education. First held in 2010 as the Regional Representative Scholarship (BUD), it then officially changed its name to BIDIKSIBA in 2012.

Through this scholarship program, PTBA hopes to participate in improving the quality of Indonesian human resources, and in reducing poverty in the communities around the Company. The beneficiaries of the Ayo Sekolah Scholarship program are students at the Elementary to High School education level, while for the BIDIKSIBA Scholarship program, the beneficiaries are high school and vocational high school students around the company's operational area. The Selection process is in accordance with predetermined conditions. For the BIDIKSIBA Scholarship, PTBA collaborates with Sriwijaya State Polytechnic (Polsri) and Malang State Polytechnic (Polinema). By 2020, there are 287 BIDIKSIBA Scholarship grantees.