About CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility PTBA would like to keep growing and developing with the surrounding community, building harmonious relationships in sustainable environment and giving most benefit to meet stakeholders' expectations.

- PT Bukit Asam

As a mining company with extensive managed areas and is now beginning to develop into electric power plant company, the Company implements corporate social responsibility (CSR) by continuously driving growth, building self-reliant community and striving to improve environment quality.

The Company would like to keep growing and developing with the surrounding community, building harmonious relationships in sustainable environment. Hence, the Company’s existence can most benefit and meet stakeholders’ expectations, including customers, business partners, government, shareholders, employees and the surrounding community.

To achieve prosperous, selfreliant and environmentally friendly community

And to achive our vision above, we aim several missions which are :
  • To support government programs to improve economy, social and public education of the community and preserve the environment.
  • To empower local potential and expand market to provide more employment opportunities for the Company’s surrounding community.
  • To encourage public participation to support the Company’s long-term plans and post-mining development.

The Company has adopted ISO 26000:2010: Guidance on Social Responsibility and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as a guide in implementation of CSR programs with international standard. The Company’s CSR programs are integrated in “General Guidelines for PTBA CSR” with scope of programs consists of PKBL, Community Development Program and Regional Development Program, can be identified as follows:

  1. Economy,
  2. Environment
  3. Social (human rights, labor, product responsibility and society).

The focus of these activities is described in various programs/activities that touch economic development aspects and empowerment of local communities, concern for environment preservation, non-discrimination and respect for human rights, work health and safety guarantees, efforts to improve employees welfare, product usage safety and customer satisfaction guarantees and build harmonious relationship with the community.

Through the Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL) and Regional Development, the Company conducts activities aimed at empowering the socioeconomic potential and creation of better life quality for the community and environment. Implementation of PKBL and Regional Development programs refers to Regulation of the Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Limited Liability Company Law.

Partnership Program

PTBA’s Partnership Program is distributed to foster partner whose scope of business cover all economic sector in accordance to prevailing laws. The Company encourages the community’s entrepreneurial growth by helping small businesses since their inception, providing mentoring, training, marketing support in order to make them into strong and independent businessman.

In 2016, the Company’s partnership program was realized by distributing soft loan to 17 small bussinesses and cooperative units spreading in Bandar Lampung, with total partnership fund lending amounted to Rp445 million. In addition to distributing partnership funds, the Company provided entrepreneurship training, for fostered partners’ products through 4 exhibitions in Palembang, Makassar, and Bali. The realization costs of the development activities in 2016 amounted Rp 134,031,000.

Community Development Program

Community development program in 2016 was made into realization through several activities covering the following fields:

Biaya (IDR)
Cost (IDR)
Bencana Alam
Natural Disaster
Bantuan korban kebakaran, korban banjir, dll
Support for fire victims, flood victims, etc
  • Bantuan Beasiswa pendidikan tingkat SD,SMP,SMA,PT
  • Bantuan Beasiswa keterampilan
  • Bantuan Sarana dan Prasarana Sekolah
  • Scholarship for elementary school, middle school, high school and university
  • Scholarship for skills
  • Suppor for school infrastructure
  • Bantuan mobil kesehatan keliling
  • Bantuan akomodasi pengobatan
  • Bantuan untuk pemberian makanan tambahan dan posyandu
  • Support for mobile health clinic
  • Support for health care accomodation
  • Support for giving extra food and posyandu
Sarana dan Prasarana
Facility and Infrastructure
Bantuan pembangunan Jalan setapak, Pembangunan rumah kopi, dan Bantuan Sarana Umum lain
Support for walkways, coffee house establishment another Public Facilities Support
Sarana Ibadah
Worship Facility
  • Bantuan pembangunan/perbaikan sarana ibadah
  • Bantuan kegiatan keagamaan
  • Support for development/repair on worship facility
  • Support for religious activity
Pelestarian Alam
Nature Conservation
Bantuan pemberian bibit tanaman dan budidaya ikan
Support for provison of plant seeds and fish farming
Sosial Kemasyarakatan
Social Community
  • Program Desa Gemilang
  • Program Siba
  • Pelaksanaan kegiatan BUMN Hadir untuk Negeri
  • Bantuan Sosial Kemasyarakatan lainnya
  • Desa Gemilang Program
  • Siba Program
  • Implementation of SOE’s activity "Present for Nation"
  • Support for other community social
Peningkatan Kapasitas Mitra Binaan
Foster Partner Increasing Capacity
Pameran dan promosi produk mitra binaan
Exhibition and product promotion of foster partners