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President Director Messages on Greeting
2017 Performance

The year of 2016 offered a quite significant challenge to the growth of PTBA. The challenge especially came from the sluggish global economy and geopolitical situation that might also affect the Indonesia’s economy and impacted thoroughly in every industry. To a large extent the Indonesia’s economy indicated a positive growth with GDP growth at 5.02%, rising from the previous year which was only 4.88% , and was also accompanied by the macroeconomic stability and well-maintained financial system. Regardless of the external pressure, the attainment was backed by household consumption which took advantage of the lower inflation rate and monetary policy in dealing with external challenges. We are grateful to learn that the Company concluded 2016 with quite heartwarming achievements.

From the perspective of operations, the Company managed to improve its performance as shown by the coal production and purchase throughout 2016 that indicated a slight increased of 0.39%; whereas, the sales of coal soared at 9%. The achievement was accompanied with the mining optimization plan in which the Company’s coal production hiked as much as 19.62 million tons or 1.77% higher than the achievement of 2015.

As the coal production is increasing, the total volume of coal transportation by train to Tarahan Port and Kertapati Dock also ramped-up from 15.79 million tons to 17.72 million tons in 2016 or surged 12.22%. The rise of coal transportation volume was a result of transportation management system improvement and an intensive coordination between the Company and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero).

Despite showing a recovery trend in the end of 2016, the challenges the Company faced in the beginning of the year lied in the coal price which was not as good as the previous year’s as shown in the onset of the year. In order for the Company to survive amid these challenges and continue to contribute shareholders and stakeholders, the Company opt for efficiency. The efficiency measure taken by the Company fell into two main categories, i.e

investement and operations. Based on the aspect of investment, the Company conducted reanalysis of pending investments,investments to cancel if necessary or ones that required reassessment in terms of amount or investment amount Meanwhile, the operational aspect included the way the Company mines technically and financially. Both factors were keys to achieving success in 2016.

Arviyan Arifin

President Director

All of members of the Board of Directors extend their biggest appreciation and gratefulness to all of the shareholders, shareholders, and business partners. Our profound gratitude especially goes to the Board of Commissioners, management, as well as all of the employees that have contributed

to the growth and development of the Company. Our appreciation also goes to the government, regulators, public and consumers for their unwavering support towards the betterment of the Company. Armed with the full support of all parties, the Company is committed to achieving its vision as a world-class energy company that always cares about the environment.


President Director

Arviyan Arifin