Indirect Economic Impact

Shared Value Creation through Indirect Economic Impacts


Significant Indirect Economic Impacts [OJK F.23, F.25]

Bukit Asam's commitment to its presence can provide the optimal benefit for the community always also manifests its economic sense. The Company Operations have opened new jobs and opportunities to partner with local suppliers to meet the demand for goods and services required by the Company. Local employment and the establishment of cooperation with local suppliers is the Company's contribution to advancing and empowering the local economy.[GRI 3-3, 413-1][12.9.1][12.9.2]

1. MSE Financing Program

The existence of Bukit Asam toward the indirect economic impact also felt by Bukit Asam MSE Funding, as stipulated in the Regulations Minister of BUMN No. PER-1 MBU/03/2023 concerning Special Assignment and Responsibilities Program Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility State-Owned Enterprise. In addition to providing working capital given in the form of a loan, The Company also organizes various training and mentoring for fostered partners to make the most of program funds and the business is engaged in progress and development

Freshwater Fish Cultivation

Based on a social mapping study carried out by PT Bukit Asam Kertapati Barging Port Unit, which was followed up by dialogue with local regional administrators, the Company initiated the Catfish and Pangas Catfish Cultivation Program in Karangayar Village by utilizing vacant land in the area. The Social and Environmental Responsibility team of PT Bukit Asam Kertapati Barging Port Unit accompanied by the Karanganyar Village Head and the local RT head conducted a beneficiary survey by visiting residents and vacant land that has the potential to carry out the Catfish and Pangas Catfish Cultivation Program.