Water Conservation

The need for water is vital for PTBA. The Company uses water for various purposes, namely the production process and various supporting activities. Just like energy, the availability of clean water is also increasingly limited. For this reason, the Company is committed to using water wisely and maintaining the sustainability of its sources. One of the genuine efforts made by PTBA is not to take water from the ground. Thus, the Company contributes to protecting the environment by not lowering the water level, not reducing the volume of available water, and not changing the ability of ecosystem functions. On the other hand, PTBA fulfills the need for clean water for offices and residential/company housing by optimizing the extraction of river water managed through the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and from springs.


Apart from not taking groundwater and optimizing extraction from rivers and mine water, efforts to use water efficiently are also carried out through reuse of mine water for cleaning the Coal Handling Facility (CHF), recycling of mine water into clean water for mining offices, reuse of mine water for watering mine roads, reuse of mine water with the Water Gate System, Hydrogel as a water provider and maintain plant humidity and automate drain on the engine pump to supply water to CHF.

During 2021, the total volume of water used by PTBA was recorded at 1.86 million m3, an increase compared to 2020, where water use reached 1.39 million m3. Water volume measurement is carried out by installing a flow meter at the inlet of raw water entering the WTP, which automatically reads water consumption in meter cubic. [OJK F.8]