CSR Bukit Asam's Appreciation to Medical Team

To express deepest gratitude to the volunteers and medical team handling the Covid-19 pandemic, CSR PT Bukit Asam Tbk delivered 500 packages of Rosella to 25 villages, police stations, Puskesmas, Polindes, and Bukit Asam Hospital in ring 1 of the company, Friday (22/5). Doctors, nurses, and frontline volunteers received the packages consisting of rosella tea, rosella syrup, and wedang uwuh.

CSR Bukit Asam representative Listati explained that in dealing with Covid-19 patients, besides wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the medical staff and volunteers must get additional vitamin supplements to increase immune system. The Rosella package came from Bukit Asam Industrial Center (SIBA) Rosella, one of Bukit Asam fostered establishments.

SIBA Rosella was expected to contribute in supporting the Tanjung Enim Tourism City program. According to Listati, Muara Enim Regency’s natural conditions and human resources had high potential for rosella flower cultivation.