Sharing Ramadhan, Bukit Asam Distributed Basic Food

In the holy month of Ramadhan 1441 H, PT Bukit Asam Tbk distributed basic food aids to the community around the company's operational ring 1, namely Muara Enim Regency and Lahat Regency.

There are total of 11,241 packages, with 5 kg of rice and 1 box of instant noodles in each package, distributed directly by the Bukit Asam CSR team on Monday (5/18) with the Covid-19 protocol compliance; 8,294 packages to Muara Enim Regency and 2,947 packages to Lahat Regency. The package were then distributed to a number of sub-districts in the two regencies, including Muara Enim Sub-District, Lawang Kidul Sub-District, Tanjung Agung Sub-District, Merapi Barat Sub-District, and East Merapi District.

Bukit Asam hoped the food aids would not only support the people's basic needs in the month of Ramadhan but also help local governments’ effort to ease the burden of the community in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides food aids, Bukit Asam had distributed 15 tons of rice and hundreds of personal protective equipment to Muara Enim Regency and Lahat Regency at the end of last month.