In 2019 the Company distributed the Share Dividend determined by the decision of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 25, 2019. Based on the 2019 Annual GMS, the shareholders decided:

  1. Determine the use of Profit for the 2018 Fiscal Year which can be attributed to the Owner of the Parent Entity of PT Bukit Asam Tbk in the amount of Rp5,023,945,683,313 as follows:
    a. Dividends of 75% or Rp3,767,959,262,485
    b. The remaining 25% or Rp1,255,986,420,828 are recorded as Retained Earnings
  2. Give authority and power to the Board of Directors to determine the schedule and procedure for dividend payment for the 2018 Fiscal Year in accordance with applicable regulations.
  3. The realization of the distribution of share dividends in the last 3 years are as follows:


The Company establishes a policy of using net income from operating results for one fiscal year and pays cash dividends for net income after considering the profits earned, the amount of retained earnings, and the business development plan. In 2018, the dividend pay-out ratio is set at 75% of the 2017 financial year profit, which is Rp3.36 billion or Rp318.52 per share. The performance of the Company’s dividend payments for three consecutive years could be seen through the table below.

Uraian Tahun Buku/Fiscal Year Description
2018 2017 2016 2015
Presentase laba bersih tahun sebelumnya yang dibagikan sebagai dividen (%) 75% 75% 30% 30% Percentage of net profit of the previous year, distributed as dividend (%)
Jumlah dividen yang didistribusikan (dalam Rp) 3.767.959.262.485 3.357.332.790.583 601.856.151.188 610.772.613.210 Total distributed dividend (in billion Rupiah)
Nilai dividen per saham (dalam Rp) 339,631 318,52 285,50 289,73 Dividend value per share (in Rupiah)
Jumlah saham yang berhak atas dividen (dalam lembar) - 10.540.375.750 289,73 Total rightful shares for dividend (in shares)
Tanggal pengumuman 25 April 2019 13 April 2018 25 April 2017 18 April 2016 Announcement date
Tanggal realisasi pembayaran 29 Mei 2019 11 Mei 2018 24 Mei 2017 18 Mei 2016 Payment realization date