The implementation of Whistle Blowing System is a part of the Internal Control System that allows anyone to report suspected fraud or violations of law committed by the Company's employees.

Whistle Blowing System is a mechanism that enables the Company's employees and/or any person to report any suspected fraud, misappropriation and other violations of law and of the Code of Conduct.​

The scope of this guideline applies to all PT Bukit Asam Tbk employees performing duties and daily work in accordance with the principles of Good Corporate Governance​

Objectives of Whistle Blowing System:

  • Creating a conducive atmosphere and encouraging reporting of an issue that can cause financial and non-financial losses including issue that can impair the organization reputation​
  • Making the management easier to deal effectively with reports of violations and at the same time protect the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity and keep the information in a secure specific archive​
  • Developing a policy and infrastructure to protect the whistleblowers from possible retaliation by internal and external parties​
  • Mitigating the losses incurred due to violations through early detection​
  • Improving company reputation​


Early detection (early warning) of possible problems caused from a breach.


Reducing risks faced by the company resulting from financial, operational, regulations, safety, and reputation violations


Providing inputs for the company to have a wider critical perspective and work process which has weaknesses on internal control, and plan for necessary corrective action.

The whistleblower protection policy states that the company provides guaranteed protection for the whistleblowers with good intention​

Sanctions for whistleblowers who misuse the Whistle Blowing System::

  • The company will impose sanctions on whistleblowers who disclose the confidentiality of the communication and information in the process of reporting and whistleblowers who provide a false report with defamation.​
  • The whistleblowers are obliged to sign an integrity pact which states that they will maintain the confidentiality of information in the reporting process and the accuracy of the report. The integrity pact is an integral part of the violation report.​

Whistleblowers may provide their identity or anonymous.​

Anonymous reports will still be accepted as preliminary information

Whistle Blowing reports can be submitted via:​

Mechanism for submitting violation reports:​

  • The whistleblowers submit written or verbal reports (as initial information)​
  • Written reports can be submitted via electronic mail (email) and verbal reports via telephone​
  • The whistleblowers should provide their identity​
  • The whistleblowers should provide initial indication that can be accounted for including the description of the problem, the parties involved, the location of the incident, the time of the incident, how the incident happened, whether there is evidence, whether this case has been reported to other institutions/parties and whether this case has happened before.​

Confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers​

The Company guarantees to provide protection for whistleblowers and ensure the confidentiality of their identities.​

The Whistle Blowing System management is stipulated in the Whistleblowing System Guidelines document number: BAWBSM.00 no revisi :1 passed on June 9, 2020​