The audit function of the Company’s performance is carried out by Internal Audit Unit (SPI) which is headed by Senior Manager assigned by and responsible to President Director with the consent of the Board of Commissioners. SPI is a work unit assuming internal control/audit function to assist the Management and other Work Units in implementing their duties and responsibilities.

Vision and Mission

To be a professional, responsive and trusted Strategic Business Partner for the President Director and Management.

Membantu Manajemen untuk meningkatkan kinerja dan nilai Perseroan, yang meliputi:

  1. Carry out Risk Based Internal Audit.
  2. Improve the competency to become a professional internal auditor, in order that can provide added value to the company both in quality and quantity.
  3. Assist the implementation of objective and independent assessment activities and report the assessment to the President Director accurately, reliably, timely, consistent, and useful.
  4. Perform a role as a catalyst, consultant and professional facilitator.


  1. Full, free and unlimited access to documents, records, personal, and physical wealth of the company in all work units of the company to obtain data and information relating to the implementation of its audit tasks, including Subsidiaries and Corporate Sub-Subsidiaries.
  2. Communicate directly with the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, including the Audit Committee.
  3. Hold regular and incidental meetings with the Directors, the Board of Commissioners and / or the Audit Committee.
  4. Coordinating its activities with the activities of the External Auditor.
  5. Compile, change, and implement the SPI Charter including determining the procedure and scope of the audit.
  6. Assess the reliability of information produced by the Work Unit and the effectiveness of existing control policies, systems and procedures.
  7. Verify and test reliability of information obtained, in relation to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the audit system.
  8. Assess and analyze the activities of the Company, but do not have an authority in the implementation and responsibility for the activities being reviewed/audited.
  9. Allocate auditor resources, determine auditee, determine audit objectives, audit scope and schedule, implement audit techniques that are deemed necessary to achieve audit objectives, clarify and discuss audit results, request oral/written responses to the Auditee, and provide counsels and recommendations.
  10. Request assistance from other Work Units or professional external parties in conducting audits if deemed necessary.
  11. Coordinate with other leaders and if asked by the Chairperson can provide a warning or admonition if there is a deviation.
  12. Propose SPI staff for promotions, rotations, attend education, training, seminars and courses related to the smooth functioning of audits or to meet the competencies of staffs / auditors according to the demands and career path set by the Company.


Duties and responsibilities

In general, SPI accountability provides analysis, evaluation, assessment, recommendation, consultation and information regarding audited/evaluated activities, carried out in accordance with Audit Standards, Internal Audit Professional Standards, and Internal Auditor Code of Ethics. This responsibility also discusses the coordination of audits conducted by other auditors, so that the company’s objectives and audit objectives of all parties are accepted.