PTBA realizes that competition in the field of coal procurement is unavoidable. For companies, competition is a natural thing, even encourages us to deliver better quality products and services. The existence of competition will be profitable for customers because they can choose based on quality and certain considerations. [103-1]

To create fair competition, PTBA focuses on efforts to present quality products and professional services, without looking for competitors’ weaknesses. The company also does not tolerate collusion practices with certain competitors in order to reduce the effects of market competition. In an effort to win the competition, the Company is always responsive to the needs and prioritizes customer satisfaction created by Product Quality, always pay attention to “Quality Culture, Quality Consciousness, Quality Concern and Quality Determination” and consistent compliance with all laws, regulations and standards in PTBA independently and professionally. [103-2]

PTBA’s commitment to compete fairly brings results in the absence of legal action or sanctions from the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) during the reporting year. This also proves that in conducting business, the Company complies with anti-trust regulations and is not involved in monopoly. [103-3, 206-1]