The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources issued a new regulation number 26 of 2018 concerning Implementation of Good Mining Principles and Supervision of Mineral and Coal Mining. The Company as a corporation engaged in mining has a full obligation to comply with all government regulations thereby the operational process can run smoothly. Environmental management efforts are carried out in accordance with the Company's commitments in the Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan documents as well as the Environmental Management Efforts and Environmental Monitoring Efforts documents as outlined in the Annual Technical and Environmental Work Plan (RKTTL). [103-1]

The results of measurement and monitoring indicate that all parameters tested are in accordance with the quality standards established by laws and regulations. These efforts have been taken very seriously by the Company, including by participating in the Company Performance Rating Program which is held nationally (PROPER of the Ministry of Environment). For these efforts, in 2020, the Company received the 8th PROPER GOLD award from the Ministry of Environment. The GOLD PROPER achievement fulfills the Company's achievements for 8 consecutive years and proves the Company's seriousness in reducing waste and contamination generated from business activities.

Comply with the provisions and preserve with awareness

Nowadays, concern for the environment is higher and increasing. As a Company is closely engaged with the environment, the Company realizes that nature preservation is the main goal of the company. So that it is not only compliance with compliance, however, our awareness as part of nature to maintain the sustainability of natural resources for future generations. We always start every mining activity with an in-depth analysis of all the risks that may arise to the environment and society. This analysis refers to the Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) framework. This initial procedure for obtaining an environmental permit, the implementation of which also includes stakeholders. Simultaneously, the Company also prepares an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (RKL/RPL) or Environmental Management and Monitoring Effort (UKL/UPL) according to the scale of the impact. The plans compiled include: monitoring the area of land changed; land clearing and reclamation of exmining land according to the prevailing regulations; plant maintenance; dewatering in settling ponds; construction of mud settling ponds; nursery and planting; top soil management; countermeasures for Acid Mine Water (AAT); erosion prevention; research and development; handling of B3 waste, emissions and effluent as well as partnership and environmental development programs. The RKL/RPL and UKL/UPL documents that have been approved by the Government serve as guidelines for the implementation of mining operations, business activities, management, measurement and monitoring of the social environment.

Implementation and Assessment of Social Monitoring 2020

To be able to maintain the effectiveness of environmental performance, the Company always carries out measurement and monitoring as a material for improvement over time. The assessment and monitoring becomes full authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit (K3L). In 2020 monitoring has been carried out on the following aspects:

All environmental and social monitoring activities have been carried out by the Company throughout 2020. Results of the measurement and monitoring indicate that all of the assessed parameters are in accordance with the quality standards set by laws and regulations. The results of environmental measurement and monitoring are documented and communicated to relevant institutions at the regional and central level. [103-2]

With such results, during the reporting period there were no complaints against the Company relating to environmental impacts. The company also does not receive fines for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations. [307-1] [6.e.6)]