Human resources are one of the largest assets owned by the Company. The Company is committed to developing its human resources. In managing its human resources, the Company always pays attention to equality aspects, diversification and equal opportunity for all employees.

As of December 31, 2020, the Company had 2,057 permanent employees. This number decreased by 142 people or 6.46% compared to the previous year. The decline in the number of permanent employees is due to retirement, early retirement, death, resignation and so on. The demographic profile of the employees can be seen in the table as follows:

Employee Innovation

Bukit Asam improves its IT governance sustainability to support the Company’s process of digitalization and industry 4.0 implementation. The Company’s IT Maturity Level result in Q1 2020 is 3.25, a significant increase compared to the previous year’s result of 2.18.

Description of the innovations:

A. Improved IT Governance
  1. Updating the existing TL-TCK to make it more optimal
  2. Compilation/ creation of new TCK/SOP according to business processes and development plans
  3. Increasing monitoring and supervision of its implementation
B. CISEA Application Development
  1. It takes a long process to collect data / information to monitor work progress
  2. Each work unit has its own data, which are also needed by other work units and they complement each other
  3. There is a potential for cost efficiency at various stages of mining
  4. Data presentation system is required as a basis for quick and accurate decision making
    • UP TO DATE
      Updated and synchronized information among all units in one platform and user friendly
           ● More precise and accurate between PT Bukit Asam Tbk and vendors
           ● Awareness of critical situation to avoid loss
           ● Optimization of every production line
           ● Improved overall operational performance
      Transparency of the entire process to achieve more effective coordination

Implementation of Industry 4.0 Digitalization Innovation click here