Gender Equality and Job Opportunities

The company provides equal opportunities for all employees, both men and women, regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, class, gender or physical condition to participate in the worker recruitment program. The appointment of prospective workers is based on the results of the selection, results of the evaluation during the probation period and the orientation of the workers. However, as the characteristics of most of the jobs in the Company are jobs that rely on physicality, the composition of the Company's human resources is mostly male. The number of female employees of PTBA as of 31 December 2020 was 289 people or 14.05% of the total number of employees of the Company. Of these, 24% held positions of young managers and above, while the remaining 76% held positions of lower supervisors. This percentage shows that the Company does not consider gender differences, especially in terms of employees who serve key positions in the Company. [6.c.2) a)] [405-1,405-2]

Diversity, Equal Opportunity and NonDiscrimination

Humans are created with a variety of ethnicities, religions, races, skin colors, genders, religions, political opinions, descent, education, and social origins. This diversity is a gift from God thereby the humans need each other and cooperate with one another because of these differences in abilities. At PTBA, this appreciation for diversity is regulated in the CLA for the 2018 - 2020 Period Article 35 concerning Employee Development. [103-1, 103-2]

PTBA's commitment to diversity has resulted in no incidents of discrimination during the reporting year. Since there are no cases, no remediation has been or has been implemented. [103-3, 406-1] [6.c.2) a)]