PTBA deeply concerns about the life of the local community. To increase the knowledge and skills of the local community, the company provides community skills training for those in need, especially for the low-income and vulnerable groups around the company's operational areas.

The type of training, which is determined after considering various community needs and potentials that exist in the local area, covers various fields, such as BTC mechanic training, financial management training and determination of Cost of Production (HPP), banana cultivation training, and so on. Besides trainings, monitoring and mentoring activities to independent beneficiary groups are held afterwards. It is hoped the variety of trainings will open up new job opportunities and increase community skills for labor absorption.
The Partnership Program is a program to improve the ability of small businesses to become resilient and independent. This program is in accordance with the mandate in the Regulation of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Number: Per-09 / MBU / 07/2015 concerning the Partnership Program and the Environmental Development Program for State-Owned Enterprises.

The Partnership Program aims to achieve proper management, distribution and use of Partnership Program funds, in terms of amount, time, and targets, so that the fostered partners' businesses will develop into strong, independent and sustainable businesses.

The fostered partners are micro small medium business people who have been selected according to the stipulated terms and conditions. The partnership funds distribution takes into account the market prospects for the commodities produced. This Partnership Program is carried out every year and is aimed at MSME throughout Indonesia.
The Partnership Program begins with FGDs activities and program socialization to the local communities. Then prospective fostered partners can submit a loan proposal to be verified by the Company's CSR work unit. Next, field survey is conducted to ensure the feasibility of the foster partner candidates. Finally, the Partnership Program fund is distributed to the selected partners who have been approved eligible to receive the loan funds.