Biodiversity is defined as the diversity among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystem, as well as the ecological ecosystem that they are part of. PTBA’s core business lies in coal mining which poses significant impact that can result in changing nature’s biodiversity landscapes. In that manner, the Company is committed in maintaining nature’s biodiversity when conducting its business. This commitment is strengthened by the company’s biodiversity policy. [103-1, 103-2]

PTBA’s mining locations are strategically located in non-protected areas or within areas with high biodiversity. In a continuation to remain true to this stance, PTBA puts in its best effort to conduct business operations without creating negative impact to the surrounding area. [103-3, 304-1] [6.e.3) a)]

Based on geographical mapping carried out by the Company, there are certain locations which house several animals listed under IUCN Red List (International Union for Nature Conservation) and the National Conservation Register. The species are as follows: [103-3, 304-4]

To protect biodiversity in these locations, the Company has made various efforts as follows: [103-3, 304-3] [6.e.3) b)]