PT Bukit Asam Tbk has a long history in national coal mining industry.

The Company operations commenced as Air Laya Mine began operating in Tanjung Enim in 1919 with the Dutch Colonial Government as the operator. At the time, the mining activities were conducted by an open pit mining method.



Strengthening and development of the entire value chain of coal mining business in the national and regional scopes as the Company’s core competency, through the development of operational excellence by enhancing synergy, efficiency and productivity. The strategic measures to be undertaken:

  • Increasing coal sales target
  • Implementing continuous efficiency program
  • Re-designing the long-term mine in order to optimize coal reserves
  • Strategic alliance/acquisition of potential mines
  • Optimizing business units / subsidiaries
  • Accelerating “quick wins” development effort


The development of power plant business (investment, Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), Operation & Maintenance (O & M)) nationally and regionally as well as the development of the Company’s competence in electricity, through investment and strategic cooperation to develop plants and EPC and O&M business. The strategic measures to be undertaken:

  • Plant capacity increase
  • Optimizing business units/subsidiaries
  • Accelerating “quick wins” development effort


The development of coal beneficiation business and the supporting business nationally and regionally, as well as the Company’s competence development in the coal beneficiation and and the supporting business, through selective Research & Development (R & D) measure and strategicvcooperation for the technology mastery and investment in the coal beneficiation and the supporting business. The strategic measures to be undertaken:

  • Exploring business opportunities in gasification, coal liquifaction, coal bed methane (CBM), bio diesel.
  • Optimization of business units / subsidiaries.