PTBA Participates in “Mudik Bareng BUMN 2018”

PT Bukit Asam Tbk dispatched 12 buses for travelers from Jakarta, Bandar Lampung and Tanjung Enim simultaneously in Mudik Bersama BUMN 2018, Saturday (9/6). In Jakarta, PTBA provides 2 buses with departures from Ancol and from Menara Kadin Indonesia. Both buses are heading to Central Java and East Java. The release of buses Mudik Bareng BUMN 2018 was released by the Minister of SOEs, Rini M Soemarno witnessed by the CEO of SOEs. At Tanjung Enim, PTBA provides 6 buses for Padang, Yogya and Solo. Before departing, Director of Operations, Suryo Eko Hadianto, checked the bus. The bus drivers are also checked on health and declared healthy and drug free. The departure of travelers from Tanjung Enim is released by Suryo Eko Hadianto. While in Bandar Lampung, the travelers are departed from the Office of PTBA Tarahan. A total of 4 buses are provided by PTBA for Padang, Yogya and Solo. Earlier, on Thursday (7/6), PTBA has dispatched 1,000 travelers from the Port of Merak to Bakauheni. The travelers are dispatched with several ferry boats since 10:30 pm. Meanwhile, on Sunday (10/6), PTBA dispatch travelers with bus and train mode. For bus transportation mode, PTBA dispatch hundreds of travelers to cities in southern Sumatra such as Palembang, Bengkulu, Jambi and Lampung. While for train, PTBA dispatch travelers Malang destination, East Java by using Majapahit KA. The travelers are departed from Pasar Senen Station Jakarta. Overall, this year PTBA dispatched more than 2000 travelers from 4 departure locations there are Jakarta, Bandar Lampung, Tanjung Enim, and Merak. The travelers are dispatched with various modes of transportation that PTBA has prepared buses, trains and ferries.