PTBA Commemorates Heroes Day

PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk or PTBA held a ceremony commemorating Heroes Day held at PTBA Head Office ceremony field, Tanjung Enim, Friday (10/11). The ceremony was attended by PTBA employees and their subsidiaries and partner, Bukit Asam Foundation, and Periska-BA in Tanjung Enim Mining Unit (UPTE). General Manager UPTE, Suhedi, as the Ceremony Inspector read out the message of the Minister of Social Affairs at Commemorates Heroes Day 10 November. Today, November 10, the Indonesian nation commemorates the Heroes Day, as a reflective moment to give meaning to the sacrifices of heroes by lit the heroic spirit in the struggle for independence. The experience of seizing and defending freedom also shows how the spirit of struggle and mentality - the heroic character possesses an extraordinary life force in the face of various obstacles and suffering. Every era has its own challenges. And therefore, every generation must develop a heroic response appropriate to its time. With a determination and sincerity to work together and based on the meaning and value of integrity, work ethic and mutual cooperation, I am convinced that the Indonesian nation can overcome various problems that hit, and can become a nation of "Winners" able to compete with the state and other nations. On this occasion also the entire PTBA expected to work to become a hero for himself, a hero for the environment, heroes for society and heroes for this country.