PTBA Built The Arch of Sriwijaya, a Symbol of The Triumph of Sriwijaya

President Director of PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA), Arviyan Arifin, inaugurated The Triumph of Sriwijaya on Sunday (4/3) at Tanjung Enim. This inauguration was marked by the signing of the arch of Sriwijaya inscriptions by Arviyan Arifin in front of the guests. Located in the district of Lingga, The Arch of Sriwijaya marked as the entrance to Tanjung Enim area. The arch of Sriwijaya is a manifestation of PTBA's commitment to build Tanjung Enim as a City of Tourism Destination. The construction of the arch began in early February 2018 and finished exactly one day before the inauguration. The Arch of Sriwijaya is a symbol of the triumph of Sriwijaya Kingdom which is the identity of South Sumatra. The main structure of the Arch of Sriwijaya adopted the characteristic of building from Palembang Grand Mosque. The domed from the arch resembles a stupa of Bumiayu temple with a golden color. An additional, at this arch there is two dragons whose tail were fused. These two dragons have the meaning of two major rivers, the Enim River and the Lematang River. Meanwhile, the lion statue in this gate is a symbol of the triumph of Sriwijaya that will continue to sustain. Overall, the arch of Sriwijaya adopted from cultural values of South Sumatra. This is a symbol to develop Tanjung Enim as the City of Tourism Destination. PTBA also participate to elevate the local culture of South Sumatra. The existence of this arch expected to remind and encourage people to continue and maintain the glory of Sriwijaya and preserve the local culture.