Miners Believe, The Black Price Increasingly Heated Up

Coal prices in recent months continue to rise. In September 2017, the price of Coal Reference (HBA) rose 9.6% to US$ 92.03 per ton, from August at US$ 83.97 per ton. Appeared predictions, the black price could reach US$ 100 per ton.

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) spokesman Dadan Kusdiana said the trigger for coal price hikes was a decrease in supply from Australia, including a demonstration at the Newcastle mine. "Climate change in India is also increasing demand for coal in the country," said Dadan.

Corporate Secretary of PT Bukit Asam Tbk Adib Ubaidillah noted that the current coal price index shows a significant increase. Even Newcastle Index had touched US$ 100 per ton.

The increase in this index automatically affects the performance of PTBA-coded issuers, especially from coal sales for export purposes. "However, we do not necessarily increase production due to many other factors that must be considered, especially from mine planning, transportation and our commitment to meet the supply to PLN," he said. With this increase in coal prices, there is always an acquisition plan to improve PTBA's coal production performance. "There are some mines that are due diligence," said Adib, without mentioning the details. But the acquisition plan will not be done this year, because there is no agreement.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Mining Institute (IMI) Irwandy Arif rate, HBA is above expectations. The initial HBA estimate was at US$ 60-US$ 80 per tonne only. "The main cause remains from Chinese and Indian policies," he added.

China's policy of overcurrent coal supply led to the closure of many mines and reduced working hours. Other factors driving prices are North Korea, US dollar and 35,000 MW electricity program. "Until the end of the year HBA in the range of US$ 80 per ton," he said. (Source : www.kontan.co.id)